Protection Technology

Your plant is in safe hands with us.

By choosing ka-tek GmbH you choose a partner who specializes in the planning, building, and commissioning of power generating plants and industrial facilities. The grid connection of your power plant, its electric protection equipment, its uninterrupted construction and failure-free operation will be 100% handled and ensured by us. Since we supply both systems and services, we will provide you with the most economical and technical solutions tailored to your project needs.

Our range of expertise within Protection Technology comprises the following services:

  • Designing tailored protection concepts
  • Configuring, testing and commissioning of the complete protection system functions of the power plant or industrial facility using state of the art equipment
  • Commissioning low-, medium- and high-voltage plants
  • Testing the complete range of the protection system functions upon commissioning Testing the power plant’s protection system according to the German Renewable Energy Act
  • Testing the industrial facility protection system according to the grid connection statutory guidelines
  • Performing complete protection tests including signaling and triggering of events by using state of the art measurement equipment
  • Individual and repetitive testing of the protection settings and functions Testing and replacing defective protection equipment and commissioning after protection readjustment
  • Setting the parameters of the protection equipment
  • Managing fault clearance, analyzing faults and testing the protection performance after malfunction
  • Documenting each test and commissioning in a professional and detailed manner

You can benefit from our solid experience in providing engineered power system services in more than 200 national and international projects within the field of Power Plant Construction.


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