High- and mediumvoltage grid connections

Energy solutions for power suppliers, industrial facilities, and renewable energies.

By choosing ka-tek GmbH you choose a partner who specializes in the planning, building, and commissioning of power generating plants and industrial facilities. We will take care of designing a grid connection concept for your plant along with its respective electric protection. In this design, we customize your grid connection considering your power supply company specific requirements. Moreover, our goal is to ensure an uninterrupted constructionand later failure-free operation of your plant. Since we supply both system and services, we will provide you with the most economical and technical solutions tailored to your project needs.

Our range of expertise in establishing grid connections comprises the following services:

  • Planning and building electrical substations and medium-voltage transfer stations
  • Planning the primary and secondary technology
  • Developing protection concepts, selective tripping plans
  • Construction planning, urban land-use planning
  • Approval planning
  • Handling project management, comprising project control, deadline and cost monitoring, contract management,application formalities with power suppliers and documentation
  • Installing cables and lines as well as planning cable runs and routes
  • Earth termination and lightning protection systems, overvoltage protection
  • Instrumentation and control as well as remote control systems
  • Setting protection parameters as well as primary and secondary testing in high and medium voltage
  • Maintenance and service
  • Retrofitting - modernizing existing high-and medium-voltage plants and equipment, e.g. by replacinghigh-, medium- and low-voltage plants, transformers, cables and cable support systems

    You can benefit from our solid experience in providing engineered power system services in more than 200 national and international projects within the field of Power Plant Construction.


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