Building and Civil Engineering

Secure and effective routing of electricity grids

In choosing ka-tek GmbH you will have a partner who specializes in planning and commissioning power plant connections and industrial installations. The connection of your plant to the grid, its protection as well as uninterrupted construction and failure-free operation will be handled and ensured by us. We design new routes in harmony with the specific regional features while making the most of the available infrastructure. Since we supply both systems and services, we will provide you with economic and technical solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our expertise range building and civil engineering comprises the following services:

  • Planning routes including surveying
  • Securing routes
  • Planning and coordinating railway and motorway crossings as well as waterway crossings
  • Compiling ground expert opinions
  • Managing construction up until realization
  • Implementing requirements regarding archaeology, nature conservation and ordnance disposal in accordance with official requirements
  • Documentation

You can benefit from our solid experience in providing engineered power system services in more than 200 national and international projects within the field of Power Plant Construction.


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