Modern energy supply for a clean and secure future

Sustainable planning - environmentally-friendly realisation - secured handover.

Uninterrupted and stable supply of electric energy to industry, cities and communities is a great challenge our society faces. The reliable transmission of energy from the power plant to the consumer with a high degree of service security is ka-tek GmbH's primary objective. This requires sustainably-planned supply systems, electrical substations, field switches and transformer stations. ka-tek GmbH is dedicated to this very task. In 2008 it emerged from "Elektrobau Fink" which, with the help of its in-house construction, had already completed a large number of projects in the construction of power plants for energy suppliers and consumers all over Europe since 1978.

Consequently, the establishment of a company specialising in power plant connections and supply networks was merely a logical step. With Jürgen Fink  at the helm, ka-tek GmbH evolved to be a competent partner for power plant manufacturers, grid operators, and industrial companies. The company combines outstanding technical and process-related expertise, consulting and planning independent of manufacturers as well as high-quality engineering and construction services to pave the way for your energy.

For customers from all over the world, ka-tek takes care of planning and realising turn-key network substations, switchgear and electrical substations. As a further service, the company handles the approval formalities for environmentally-friendly routes. Electrical installations are just as much part of the package offered by ka-tek as the design of protection concepts. At ka-tek GmbH, customers are provided with everything they need from a one-stop source.

Based in Kolitzheim in Franconia with subsidiaries in Germany and the UK, ka-tek employs highly-qualified engineers and electrical engineers who work on intelligent solutions for bundling, converting and transmitting energy throughout the world. The experience gained from connecting more than 200 power plants in Germany and Europe renders ka-tek GmbH one of the most successful and valuable partners for power plant manufacturers, grid operators and system suppliers.

You can benefit from our solid experience in providing engineered power system services in more than 200 national and international projects within the field of Power Plant Construction.


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